Accessibility Statement

Accessibility statement for High House, Seathwaite.

This access statement aims to accurately describe the facilities at High House so that users may be aware of accessibility for individuals with limited physical mobility.


High house is a converted traditional farmhouse at the end of a narrow, stony track after passing through Seathwaite farm, crossing a wooden bridge and through two farm gates.  It is situated on a slightly elevated, sloping site with a wooded area, small uneven grassy area, a raised fire pit and a narrow beck.  The main living area and kitchen is on the ground floor with dormitories, washrooms, toilets and drying room up various sets of steps and through fire doors.  All light switches and sockets are at 140cm from floor level.

The car parking is on a sloping and uneven site within approximately 20m to the building. The approach to the entrance is across uneven stony ground and there are no clearly defined pathways.  It is possible to drive up to the front door to drop off visitors.

There is a narrow slate bridge (width approximately 50cm) over the small beck flowing along the side of the site, leading to the raised fire pit area (entrance width approximately 90cm)

Entrance to the property and ground floor

The entrance to the property has a small step to the front door (rise 5cm).  The door is 90cm wide and opens inward to a small lobby area 105cm wide and 195cm from the door.

From here it is possible to turn left into the kitchen area where all the worktops, hobs, sinks and oven are a standard kitchen height.  The two microwave ovens are on wall mounted shelves above the worktops and there is a wall mounted water boiler.

Turning right from the lobby there is a sprung firedoor (width 72cm) opening into the common room. 

At the far end of the common room there is a short narrow passage (width 90cm) and 3 steps (rise 18cm, width 100cm, depth 36cm) and at the top, a sprung firedoor (width 75cm) opening into a large dormitory with double bunks. Once in the dormitory, turn left through a door opening into a washroom with two sinks, a shower with raised tray ( height 15cm) and through another door (width 66cm) a low level toilet.

At the far end of the dormitory is a quick release bar emergency exit

Going Upstairs

On the wall opposite the windows, there is a sprung firedoor (width 75cm) up one step (height 19cm, width 72cm), opening on to a flat section (66cm wide by 108cm from the door) and then up 4 steps to a middle landing from where there is access to the left to the drying room through a sprung firedoor (width 70cm)and to the right through a door (width 66cm) to a low level toilet.  

Ahead, down 3 steps (drop 15cm, depth 30cm) and through a door (width 70cm) is a washroom with two sinks fitted into a standard height worktop and shower cubicle (entrance width 67cm, shower tray lip (height 24cm, depth 12 cm) At the far side of the washroom is a quick release bar emergency exit door (width 79cm) leading to a narrow path and steep climb to the rear of the site.

From this mezzanine landing there is a further flight of 6 steep steps with variable rises (max 29cm) and depth 27cm) with a handrail on the left leading to a landing (260cm by 102cm). Two sprung fire doors ( width 75cm) open off this landing into two more dormitories.

PH April 2021


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